Aarhus Airport (AAR)
Ground Transport and Car Parking

(Kolind, Aarhus, Denmark)

Aarhus Airport (AAR) Travel and Transport: Aerial picture of the cityscapeThe airport has a bus service which connects with most flights. The bus service makes a few stops en route to the airport and on its return trip to the city. There is also a scheduled bus service, bus route 212, which runs regularly between the airport and the towns of Randers and Ebeltoft.

Scandinavian Airlines provides a limousine service to the city, although it is limited to three passengers at a time. Taxis are also available outside the Arrivals area.

General Parking Facilities

Aarhus Airport has ample parking for its size in its single car park, with 1,500 parking spaces available. In addition to short-term parking rates, the airport also offers long-term parking options. All payment for parking is done at the Arrivals exit. There are also several dedicated parking spaces for disabled drivers, which are conveniently located near the terminal entrance.

Aarhus Airport AAR

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